small doses of music...

r. stevie moore-organ trumpet tower

Somewhat like Ratatat.


pic: highsnobiety

extol-open the gates

pic: extol official

ensemble economique-to feel the night as it really is

pic: hands in the dark

horace silver-song for my father

pic: ncelebs

bibio-jealous of roses

u want to groove? u got it.

pic: thesuperslice

captain murphy-the killing joke

*oh what a video-clip

the stepkids-la la

pic: crayonbeats

haken-celestial elixir 

a voyage through all kinds of instrumental swing guarenteed.

pic: 3bp

shuggie otis-aht uh mi hed

needless to say anything at all. he was brilliant, he still is.

pic: facebook

electric wire hustle-they don’ t want

with references to past jams playin now.

pic: thecouchsessions

orphaned land-birth of the three

just in time for a questioning of what human does to the “other”.

pic: metalbourbon blogspot


yes, indie rock sometimes smells too much like the 80’s, unpleasently exertive to be contemporary, however destroyer, from vancouver, has been in the scene since 1995.

the video itself tells a lot about the originality of the song

pic: pitchfork

nik bärtsch’s ronin - Llyria Modul 47 red version

a very young swiss pianist’s dream shared.

the lion’s roar - first aid kit

pic: wearenotarockband

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small doses of music...
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